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Hi! I’m Kasey! I was born with spina bifida and I’ve been a wheelchair user from a young age. My parents were huge advocates for me growing up and they instilled in me a high level of independence. My parents’ goal for me was to live life to its fullest extent, so they encouraged me to be active and push my limits on a daily basis. From a young age, sports were where I was the most active, including track and field (throwing events, sprint races) and wheelchair basketball. I was recruited on a full athletics basketball scholarship for college and even played after college for 2 years. Since then, I’ve turned my focus to other interests, including cooking, travel, whiskey and aviation. I don’t see my wheelchair as a hindrance but rather a device that allows me to see the world and live a fulfilling life. I started this site with my wife, Andrea, as a means of encouraging others like me to embrace life and challenge them to try new things.

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My Journey

Early In Life

I was born with spina bifida, and I have never been able to walk. I have used assistive devices from a young age to help with mobility. From the beginning, my parents were huge advocates for me. I am so grateful to them for instilling a high level of independence and confidence in me early on. My parents did a lot of research as well regarding equipment and sports involvement. Their dedication to my overall well being gave me the opportunities to pursue whatever I wanted in life.

Sports & College

I have been involved in sports from a young age. I competed in track and field, including shot put, discus, and javelin, as well as the sprint events, specifically the 100, 200, and 400m races. I also competed in wheelchair basketball starting at the age of 10 through college. I played for the Jr. Rolling Timberwolves in high school, then was recruited on a full athletics scholarship for college. I played for two more years in a men’s club after college before stopping my basketball career. Sports gave me a lot of confidence and were one of the many ways my parents encouraged me to be independent and involved in the community.

Here & Now

Today, I still use a manual wheelchair as a mobility aid but I don’t see it as a hindrance. Rather, my wheelchair allows me to live life to the fullest and see the world. I am married to my lovely wife, Andrea, and we live in the Twin Cities area. I work full time in human resources. My interests have shifted since stopping basketball. My recent hobbies include cooking, travel, whiskey, and aviation. I’m always looking forward to the next travel adventure or a new recipe to try. I am master scuba certified too! I hope this web site provides others with the confidence to try new things and explore what the world has to offer.

My Blog Posts

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